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Statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies

A  statement  of  the  boards,  councils,  committees  and  other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards,  councils,  committees  and  other  bodies  are  open  to  the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public.

The statement of Board of Directors and its various  Committees  is  as follows:

Board of Directors

The  Board  of  MMTC  has  a  mix  of  Executive  &  non-executive  Directors.  The present Board (as on 1.3.2020) comprises of CMD, 4 whole time functional Directors, two part time Govt. nominee Directors from the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India and two independent directors. The President of India appoints all the Directors of MMTC.

The Board is responsible for the proper direction,  control, superintendence and management of the Company. The meetings of the Board are usually held at the registered office of the company and are scheduled well in advance.  The Board of MMTC meets regularly at least once in a quarter.  The meetings of Board are governed by a structured agenda for discussion.  Detailed agenda papers including other explanatory notes are circulated in advance on all major issues to enable the Board to take informed and independent decisions.

To  facilitate  expeditious  considerations  and  decisions/directions  with focused  attention  on  the  affairs  of  the  company,  the  Board  has constituted  following  committees  with  distinct  role,  responsibility  and authority:

Reconstitution of Sub-Committees of the Board w.e.f 31.01.2020 as approved by the Board of Directors in it’s 453rd  Meeting held on 31.01.2020

Sl. No.

Name of the Committees of the Board

Brief role of the Committee

Present Members/ Chairman


Audit Committee

To oversee the audit function, review critical findings, ensure compliance with the accounting standards as per Companies Act 2013.

Shri Manjunath G. - Chairperson & Ind. Director

AS & FA - Govt. Nominee Director

Dr(Mrs) Swadhinta Krishna - Ind. Director


Committee of Directors on Subsidiary, Joint Ventures & Associate Companies

To consider and recommend approval of investments/disinvestments, approval of agreement and any changes therein to the Board of Directors, advice on strategic issues related to MMTC’s investment and the performance of projects/ JVs/Associate companies/ Subsidiaries .

CMD  - Chairman

Dr(Mrs) Swadhinta Kirshna – Ind.Director

Shri A Sondhi – Dir(Mktg.)

Shri J Ravi Shanker – Dir(Mktg.)


Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Committee shall identify the persons who are qualified to become directors and who may be appointed in senior management, recommend to the board their appointment and removal and shall carry out evaluation of every director’s  performance.

Dr(Mrs) Swadhinta Kirshna – Ind.Director & Chairperson

Shri Manjunath G. – Ind.Director

AS&FA & Govt Nominee Dir.


Stakeholders Relationship Committee

Committee shall expeditiously consider and monitor  the grievances of the shareholders/other investors.

Dr(Mrs) Swadhinta Kirshna – Ind.Director   - Chairperson




Committee of Directors on CSR & Sustainability

To oversee the implementation and monitoring of CSR and Sustainability activities in accordance with the applicable provisions.

Shri Manjunath G. – Ind.Director  & Chairman





Committee of Directors on Personnel Policies

To consider and recommend approval of modifications/formulation of service rules and other personnel policies to the Board

Dr(Mrs) Swadhinta Kirshna – Ind.Director &Chairperson

Shri Manjunath G. – Ind.Director

Shri A Sondhi, Dir(Mktg.)


Committee of Directors for Monitoring Legal / Arbitration Cases & Recovery of Outstanding Dues

The Committee shall review and monitor all the dues outstanding to MMTC including all civil / criminal suits filed by MMTC or against MMTC.


All Functional Directors

Shri Manjunath G. – Ind.Director


Share Transfer Committee

It shall expeditiously considers & approves requests for physical share transfers, rematerialisation & dematerialization


All Functional Directors


Risk Management Committee

Recommend to the Board and maintain  a sound system of risk oversight, management & internal control. The Committee identifies, assesses, manages & monitors risk.


All Functional Director

Shri Manjunath G.- Ind.Director

The meetings of the Board and its Committees are not open to the public.

The minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and its Committees are not accessible for public since these are related to strategies, policies and business decisions, the information of which is not to be published as per the exemption granted under Sec 8(d) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

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