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MMTC Limited has remained one of the major importers of fertilizers in India.  It is engaged in the import of finished, intermediate and raw fertilizers.  MMTC handles about 3 to 4 million tonnes of fertilizers.  It continues to remain a trusted and reliable supplier of fertilizers to many institutional customers in India.  This has been possible owing to a reputation  of trust and reliability  assiduously built by the company over four decades.

MMTC and its Unique Position

MMTC has remained one of the largest institutional buyers of fertilizers across the globe.  MMTC has built this unique position for itself through its continued presence for about four decades in the fertilizer arena internationally.  It has remained a trusted associate for the suppliers and customers alike across the globe as a result of its undisputed transparency in dealings and commitment to contractual terms of international trade.  MMTC has built a niche for itself and has been extending the benefit of its four decades of experience in buying, selling and excellent net-working, which has been continuously adding value in the supply chain.

As a result, MMTC remains the single unique window for buying and selling of all fertilizer products globally.  We would like to assure all our valued business associates across the globe a most transparent, efficient and effective trading experience in fertilizers.

Items of Trade

MMTC imports following fetilizers and raw materials in bulk on full/part vessel load basis:

Finished Fertilizers


Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP) / Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) / Powdered Monoammonium Phosphate (PMAP)

Muriate of Potash (MOP)

  Complex Fertilizer 
Raw materials  Sulphur & Rock Phosphate
Intermediates Phosphoric Acid
Industrial Technical Grade Urea


Purchases (Imports)

Imports are centralized through the Corporate Office in New Delhi.  All purchases are made through global tenders.  These tenders can be viewed by all interested bidders at our website . In the case of certain products, empanelled list of suppliers has been maintained.  Purchases are done either on FOB, C&F or CIF basis.

Network of offices

MMTC has a wide network of offices spread across the country catering to its most valued customers.  There are four major zones and many regional and sub-regional offices.  Major offices are as follows:

North Zone

Delhi, Jaipur, Kanpur, Ludhiana

West Zone

Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Goa

East Zone

Kolkata, Bhubaneswar

South Zone

Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam


Types of Sales

Fertilizers are supplied to customers in India on high-seas basis.  Secured credit could be provided against Letters of Credit or Bank Guarantees or any such financial instruments.


Merchanting Trade

MMTC is also actively involved in trading across the frontiers and with other countries.

Expert Manpower

MMTC’s fertilizer division is handled by a team of experienced professionals which is supported by almost five decades of international trading experience in bulk commodities.



Core 1, Scope Complex, 7 Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110003.





For Empanelment of Suppliers for supply of Rock Phosphate for One Year

                                                       No. MMTC/Fertilizer/Rock Phosphate/2015/01 dated 10.03.2016


Phone No: 011-24381447/24381517/24381515

Mobile No’s: 9958720011/9910269390/9811980706

E Mails: rkishore[at]mmtclimited[dot]com / cuk[at]mmtclimited[com / pankajk[at]mmtclimited[dot]com


Invitation for Expression of Interest

 MMTC invites application for empanelment of suppliers for Rock Phosphate sale in India.


About MMTC

MMTC is a Government of India enterprise and is one of the largest international companies of India.  MMTC is engaged in international trading of large number of commodities including Minerals, Metals, Precious Metals, Fertilizers, Coal and Hydrocarbons, Agricultural Commodities, etc.

MMTC is one of the largest importers of fertilizers in India. MMTC handled about four million tonnes of fertilizers during 2014-15. MMTC is also one of the State Trading Enterprises (STE) for import of urea on Government account.  Apart from Urea, MMTC is engaged in import of Muriate of Potash (MOP), Technical Grade Urea, Sulphur, Rock Phosphate, etc.


Scope of work


MMTC wishes to empanel reputed suppliers for Rock Phosphate with substantial experience in supplying Rock Phosphate to the Indian market.  Following information may be submitted along with the application:

(i)     Quantity of various grades of Rock Phosphate supplied to the Indian market during the last three years.

(ii)    Detailed specification of the product to be supplied.

(iii)   Latest quality certificates from independent reputed surveyors at load port to be enclosed with the application.

(iv)   Latest quality certificate from independent reputed agencies/surveyors at discharge port in India.


Procurement Plan

 MMTC wishes to procure Rock Phosphate from reputed suppliers for supply to various customers in India.  MMTC wishes to appoint such a supplier who will act as an assured source of supply for MMTC. 

 Terms and conditions of supply shall be discussed and mutually agreed through a Memorandum of Understanding or a Contract between MMTC and the supplier.

 It is expressly understood and agreed by the prospective suppliers that MMTC shall be entering into an MOU or Contract with the supplier for supply to various customers spread across India.  Terms of supply shall be as required by these customers and shall be finalized on shipment basis. 


Pre-qualification Criteria


(i)     The prospective supplier should have supplied minimum of 100000 M.T. in any of the last three years in India with an exemption to MTPL being 100% subsidiary of MMTC.

(ii)   The prospective supplier should be a producer/ mine owner or have long term supply arrangement with large producer / mine owner of repute. Documentary evidences to this effect have to be submitted along with the EOI.

(iii) The prospective supplier(s) should not have been blacklisted/banned from supplying to India   by Government of India, State Government(s) or any PSU in India.


Submission of Expression of Interest


(i)     Prospective supplier(s) may down-load the Expression of Interest document from the website of MMTC Formal application in the prescribed format, alongwith full EOI document duly signed by the applicant should be submitted.

(ii)    Authorised representative of the Company should sign the documents.

(iii)  Suppliers should submit their supporting documents such as Company Brochure, Last three years Balance Sheet, details of production capacity or off-take arrangements with the mines, ISO or other accredition certificates (if any), registration certificates with various tax authorities or Government Departments, etc.


Validity of the EOI


The EOI is to be kept valid for acceptance for a period of 30 days from the date of submission of the EOI or such other extended period as mutually agreed. 


General Terms and Conditions


(i)    MMTC reserves the right to accept or reject any offer of EOI without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

(ii)   Final selection of supplier(s) from among the panel of participants will be done at the discretion of MMTC and decision of MMTC shall be final and binding on all the empanelled suppliers.

(iii) Supplier(s) may clearly note that terms and conditions enumerated in this EOI are only illustrative and not exhaustive. The chosen supplier(s) from the panel will have to enter into transaction contract as devised by MMTC.

(iv)  Prospective supplier(s) can also be asked to furnish additional information.

(v)   The prospective supplier(s) shall ensure compliance of all Government regulations/conventions/policies/guidelines/orders, etc, in force in India.

(vi) Suppliers are required to furnish credit rating report from either D&B or Moodys or Standard and Poor and also from their bankers.


No Contractual Obligation

 MMTC is not bound contractually or in any way to any of the bidders to this EOI.  MMTC is not liable for any costs or compensation in relation to the consideration of this EOI incurred by the bidders.



Mere applying against this EOI does not in any way commit or otherwise obliges MMTC to proceed with all or any part of the EOI process.  MMTC at its absolute discretion elect to abandon the EOI either in part or in whole without giving prior notice to the prospective suppliers.




Sl. No. 




Name of the Vendor alongwith complete address, phone numbers, fax numbers, e mail addresses, etc.



Details of Ownership/Constitution



Whether Government/ Semi Government/ PSU/ Private Limited/ Public Limited Company/Partnership



Details of Manufacturing Faciltities



Details of Off-take arrangement with the Mine Owners



Exportable Quantity



Name of the major buyers in India



Details of Quantity supplied to India during the last three years for each grade of Rock Phosphate



Balance Sheet for the last three years



Has the company been black listed/banned by the Government of India or any State Government or any PSU in India and if yes, details thereof



Declaration (to be given in the Company’s letter head)



In case the vendors have any representative in India, they shall submit a copy of the agreement with the Indian representative giving details of their relationship with the Indian representative.


In case photo copies are submitted, they should be duly certified as true copies with the company seal.




(To be given in Company Letter Head)



MMTC Limited

New Delhi.


We, ____________________________________, declare that none of our sister concerns/associates belong to our group is participating/submitting the EOI. 


That the applicant has not been blacklisted/banned/de-listed or put on holiday by the Government of India, any of the State Governments or any PSU in India in the last five years.


Signature with Seal 


Annexure - 1







This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made and entered into this ____ of February 2016 by and between:

________________________________________ (Full Address) herein after referred to as “First Party” represented by


MMTC Ltd, Core 1, “SCOPE COMPLEX”, 7 Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003, hereinafter referred to as “Second Party” represented by _______________


First Party is Trading Company engaged in international trading of various commodities with off-take arrangement with ______ mines of _____ for sourcing Rock Phosphate;


MMTC is a Government of India Enterprise engaged in international trading of various commodities for more than five decades.



 1.                              Objective and Scope

1.1       The main objective of this MOU is to define the possibility of entering into a long-term supply arrangement for Rock Phosphate

1.2       Second Party shall keep First Party updated on the requirements of the prospective customers of rock phosphate in India to enable First Party              plan shipments.

1.3       Both Second Party and First Party shall extend assistance to each other for the promotion of ____________ Rock Phosphate of ____ mines in              the Indian market.

1.4       First Party shall offer Rock Phosphate to Second Party based on the requirement indicated by Second Party from time to time.

1.5       Rock Phosphate shall be offered by First Party to Second Party on CFR basis.

1.6       First Party shall offer price with 30 days validity so that probable customers could be contacted and deal finalized.

1.7       First Party shall offer an interest free credit of 30 days from the date of shipment.

1.8       Second Party and First Party shall finalize contract before every shipment indicating the price and shipment schedule for that particular                      shipment.

1.9       Second Party shall be offered a trade margin on per tonne basis for every tonne of Rock Phosphate sold to customers in India/neighboring                  countries by Second Party. This shall be mutually discussed and agreed before commencement of supplies.

1.9       Payment terms shall be mutually discussed and agreed before commencement of supplies. Intention is to save on cost and hence agree for                supply on CAD basis.   

2.         Confidentiality

2.1       Both Second Party and First Party undertake and declare that both the parties shall keep the terms of this MOU strictly confidential and                      privileged.

2.2       Neither party shall assign this MOU or any part thereof to a third party nor shall any party transfer any part or all of its right herein without                 the prior written consent of the other party.

3.        Termination

3.1       Either party may terminate this MOU by giving 30 days written notice without   assigning any reasons to the other party.  Upon termination of              this MOU, no party shall have any continuing obligation or liability towards the other party with respect to this MOU.  However, termination of              MOU will not affect any obligation of either party under already concluded contract(s) between parties under this MOU.

 4.     Construal


4.1       This MOU shall not be construed to create a partnership for any purpose nor shall any party hereto shall act as an agent of or bind any other party.  Accordingly, neither party may incur expenses or obligations on behalf of the other, except with advance written consent, respecting the project.  Both parties agree that they will refrain from acting beyond the scope of what is intended, as mentioned in clause 1, under this MOU.

5.         Notices

5.1       All notices, requests or other communications hereunder shall be given in writing in the English language by mail, courier, facsimile or e-mail              and shall be deemed received if sent at the following addresses or at such other address as notified in accordance hereto:

6.         Addresses for Communication



            Phone Numbers

            Fax Numbers

            E-Mails :


           Phone Numbers

           Fax Numbers

           E-Mails :


7.   Non-Binding Effect

7.1       The terms and conditions set forth in this MOU shall not be legally binding upon the parties hereto unless a definitive agreement incorporating              terms and conditions agreed after further discussions is executed by the parties hereto. Provisions of the contract entered into between both                First Party and Second Party shall prevail over the MOU.


8.   Effective Date and Duration

8.1     This MOU will be effective as of the date of its execution and shall be valid for the term of one year thereafter unless extended by mutual                  consent of the parties in writing.

Signed on this ______ day of _________ 2016

For MMTC                                                FOR _____________


SEAL                                                        SEAL

WITNESSES                                            WITNESSES

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