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 Corporate Office
7 Institutional Area, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi - 110003 INDIA
e-mail- mmtc[at]mmtclimited[dot]com
EPABX - +91-11-24362200 


Chairman and Managing Director

    Ved Prakash  
      e-mail: cmd[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      +91-11- 24361603  
      +91-11- 24360568  
Functional Directors          
      Ashwani Sondhi Director(Marketing)
      e-mail: asondhi[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Umesh Sharma Director (Finance)
      e-mail : umeshsharma[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      J Ravi Shanker Director(Marketing)
      e-mail: ravishanker[at]mmtclimited[dot]com
      Rajiv Ranjan Sinha Director(Personnel)
      e-mail : rr.sinha[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
Chief Vigilance Officer     Bir Singh Negi  
      e-mail: cvo[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
Executive Officers         Name Division
 Chief General Managers         
      Anjana Singh  Fertilizers
      e-mail :  asingh[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Arun Chandra Systems
      e-mail : acs[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Arun D'rozario Administration & Estate
      e-mail: arozario[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      B N Dash Finance & Accounts
      e-mail: bndash[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      N Balaji General Trade & Projects
      e-mail: nb[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      +91-11- 41083100  
      Ravi Kishore Precious Metals
      +91-11- 24381447  
      Sanjay Kaul  Minerals
      e-mail: skaul[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Suraj Modi Agro Products
      e-mail: smodi[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      +91-11- 24366305  
      V K Pandey Personnel & Administration
      e-mail: vkp[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  

General Managers      

      Abhay Kumar  NINL
      e-mail: abhay[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Alok Singh Corporate Planning
      Anju Gupta  Minerals
      e-mail: anjug[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Ashok Bhatnagar PIG IRON
      C Unnikrishnan   Agro Products
      e-mail: cuk[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      G Vishalakshi   CPF A/C
      e-mail: gvi[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Khushinder Nath   NFM
      e-mail: khushinder[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      L M Bagga   Minerals
      e-mail: lmbagga[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      L Ramesh   Steel/Coking Coal
      e-mail: lramesh[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      L Sandhya   Fertilizer (Non - Canalized)
      e-mail: lsandhya[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Mohit Gupta   Internal Audit
      e-mail: mohitgupta[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      S B Mathpal Projects
      e-mail: mathpal[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Sandeep Kumar Vigilance
      e-mail: sandeepk[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Subhash Bhaskar Personnel
      e-mail:sbhas [at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      Sudhir Kapur CMD Sect.
      e-mail: sudhirkapur [at]mmtclimited[dot]com  
      V S N Rao Personnel
      e-mail: vsnrao[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  

Corporate Communication


Anita Guptrishi - General Manager

      e-mail: ag[at]mmtclimited[dot]com  

Nodal Officers for Supply of Gold to Exporters:

(10AM to 5PM on all working days)


Sanjay Anand, General Manager (Precious Metals)

+91-11-46859556 +91-11-24361879

e-mail : sanjayanand[at]mmtclimited[dot]com


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